How to Get Around Bergamo

Pay on the Bus in Bergamo

The city of Bergamo, selected as the Capital of Culture 2023 together with Brescia, is charming and picturesque, with a well-preserved medieval town called Città Alta (Upper Town).

It offers stunning views, historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and delicious local cuisine.

Bergamo is also conveniently located near Milan and Lake Como, making it a great base for exploring the region.

If you want to explore the beautiful city of Bergamo, getting around is quite easy! The best way to navigate the city is on foot, as most of the main attractions are within walking distance of each other.

The historic Citta Alta (upper town) is a must-visit, and you can easily reach it by taking the funicular railway. It offers stunning views of the city as you ascend.

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If you want to quickly move between the Citta Alta and the Citta Bassa (lower town), buses are a convenient option. The bus system is well-connected and efficient, with frequent services throughout the day. Taxis are also available, but they can be a bit pricey.

Bergamo is also a great place to cycle, with several bike rental shops around the city. Whether you choose to stroll, ride a bike, take a bus, or ride the funicular, you’ll be fine with getting around and exploring all that Bergamo has to offer.

1. Where to Park in Bergamo

1.1 Paying Parkings

There are several places where to park in Bergamo. Here are some convenient options:

1. Piazza della Libertà: this is a large parking area located in the city center. It is a paid parking lot but generally has available spaces.

2. Parcheggio Central Parking: this parking garage is located near the train station. It is multi-level and offers covered spaces.

How to Get Around Bergamo

3. Parcheggio Predaparking: another paid parking lot located near the city center. It is open 24 hours and has a high capacity.

4. Parcheggio del Centro: located in via Borfuro (downtown), it’s open every day from 7.30 am to 12.30 pm (rates from € 1.50/hour).

5. Car Park Città Alta: you can park your car along the Venetian Walls. It is convenient if you are planning to explore the upper town.

6. Car Park Expo: located near the Bergamo Exhibition Center (Fiera di Bergamo), this parking facility offers ample space for events and exhibitions.

Just a heads up, these parking spaces might not always be available, and the prices might change. Also, it’s a good idea to double-check for any new parking rules or limits before you go.

1.2 Free Parkings

If you wish to save up, here are some places for free parking in Bergamo:

In Bergamo, there are a few places where you can park for free:

  1. Cimitero Monumentale: Via Carlo Serassi, 15/A
  2. Via Coghetti (parking disc 2 hrs)
  3. Piazzale della Malpensata (free on Sunday)
  4. Stadium parking (viale G. Cesare)
  5. Piscine Italcementi (Via dello Statuto)
  6. Carrefour (Via Baioni)

Remember to always check the parking signs and regulations to avoid any fines or restrictions. Additionally, these parking spots might fill up quickly, so it’s best to arrive early or have a backup plan.

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2. How to Get Around Bergamo

2.1 Bergamo by Bus

There are several places where to buy bus tickets in Bergamo:

1. Pay on the bus: You can pay on the bus in Bergamo. If you pay cash, you’d better have the exact fare amount as change may not always be available. However, most of the buses now also accept contactless payment methods such as contactless debit/credit cards or mobile payment apps.

2. Mobile Apps: ATB has a mobile app called “ATB Mobile” where you can purchase bus tickets using your smartphone.

3. ATB Office: You can buy tickets directly at the main office of ATB (Azienda Trasporti Bergamo) located at Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 57, downtown Bergamo (in Largo Porta Nuova).

4. Tabaccherie: Many tobacco shops in Bergamo sell bus tickets. Look for shops with a “T” sign (it means “Tabaccheria”)

5. Ticket Machines: You can find ticket machines at various Bergamo bus stops and train stations. These machines accept cash or credit cards and allow you to buy tickets directly.

6. Newsstands: Some newsstands also sell bus tickets. Look for shops that sell newspapers and magazines.

Check out the fare system on the official ATB website.

Is Bergamo Walkable?

2.2 Bergamo by Taxi

The average cost of a taxi trip in Bergamo is around €10-€15 for a short distance within the city. However, the final price may vary depending on factors such as the distance, traffic conditions, and any additional charges applicable, such as night fares or luggage fees. It is always recommended to ask the driver for an estimate before beginning the journey.

Uber is available in Bergamo and can be used to book rides using the Uber app.

2.3 Bergamo by Car

The ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato) areas are parts of the city where only those who are authorized, like residents, can get around.

In Bergamo, the ZTL areas are the following (so be careful if you’re driving):

  1. Città Alta (Upper Town): This is the historic medieval part of Bergamo and is entirely a restricted traffic zone (every day from 10 am to 12 pm, and from 2 pm to 7 pm).
  2. Some streets connecting the lower town to Città Alta are ZTL areas (eg. Via Pignolo Alta, via San Tomaso, via Sant’Alessandro Alta)
  3. Città Bassa (Lower Town): Some streets in Bergamo downtown are restricted traffic zones (eg. Via Tasso, via Borfuro, via XX Settembre, Piazza Pontida, Piazza Dante). Double-check the route with your hotel staff!

Just remember that the rules, opening hours, and regulations might differ, so it’s best to double-check with local authorities or navigation systems for the latest info.

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2.4 Bergamo by Bicycle

Bergamo is the ideal town to visit riding a bike! It’s small enough and there are a few cycling lanes throughout the city. As a tourist, you probably want to rent a bike for a day. How? Through a bike-sharing service like La BiGi.

La BiGi bike sharing service allows you to leave your bike either at a cycle station (there are 30 stations scattered around the city), or leave it in one of the 30 delimited areas.

The service is active all year round, 24/7. Before using it you need to sign up on the website  and download the nextbike app.

The basic rate (ideal for tourists) costs € 1 for the first 30 minutes of use, € 1 for the following 30 minutes, and € 4 after the first hour. 

As for electric bicycles, the cost is € 2 for the first 30 minutes, € 3 for the following 30 minutes, and € 9 for the remaining time.

3. Is Bergamo Walkable?

There are several places for walking in Bergamo. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Città Alta (Upper Town): Explore the historic center of Bergamo, which is situated on a hilltop. Walk along the UNESCO heritage Venetian walls, and the narrow, cobblestone streets, and admire the beautiful Piazza Vecchia, Palazzo della Ragione, and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

2. Parco dei Colli (Park of the Hills): This large park surrounding the city is ideal for walkers. It offers numerous trails through forests and greenery, providing stunning views of the landscape and the city below.

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3. Sentiero dei Colli: This hiking trail connects various neighborhoods and surrounding towns, offering both nature and cultural experiences. It is an excellent option for those who enjoy longer walks.

4. Parco Suardi: Located in the southern part of the city, this park offers walking paths, green spaces, and a large pond. It is a peaceful spot for a stroll.

5. Borgo San Leonardo: This area, located just outside the city walls, features picturesque streets and scenic views. It is a perfect place to walk and explore while discovering the local atmosphere.

If you feel unsure about the trails and walkable areas, I recommend using Komoot, an app where you can discover paths, hiking trails, and cycling lanes pretty much anywhere! 

Camerata Cornello Bergamo
Camerata Cornello Bergamo

4. How to Reach Bergamo

There are several ways to reach Bergamo. Here are some common options:

1. By Air: The nearest airport to Bergamo is Orio al Serio International Airport (BGY), also known as Milan Bergamo Airport. It is well-connected with many major European cities. From the airport, you can take a bus or a taxi to reach the city center of Bergamo.

2. By Train: Bergamo has a train station called Bergamo Railway Station, connected to several Italian cities, including Milan, Venice, Bologna, and Verona. You can check the timetable and book your train tickets online or at the train station.

3. By Bus: Long-distance buses connect Bergamo with various cities in Italy and Europe. You can check for bus routes and schedules online or visit the bus station in Bergamo.

4. By Car: If you prefer driving, you can reach Bergamo by car via the A4 motorway from Milan, Venice, or Verona. The journey time and toll fees may vary depending on your starting point.

5. By Shuttle: Some hotels and travel companies offer shuttle services between Bergamo and cities like Milan or Verona. You can inquire about this option when booking your accommodation or checking with local travel agencies.

Once you arrive in Bergamo, you can explore the city on foot, use public transportation, or rent a car or bike to get around.

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