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Pay on the Bus in Bergamo

How to Get Around Bergamo

Bergamo is a charming and picturesque city in northern Italy, with a well-preserved medieval town known as Città Alta (Upper Town). It offers stunning views, historic architecture, cobblestone streets, and delicious local cuisine. Among its most impressive highlights are the beautiful Piazza Vecchia, the Duomo di Bergamo, and the astonishing Venetian Walls.

Tonnarello Trastevere great local restaurant in Rome

Great Local Restaurants in Rome

Want to know where to find the best pasta in Rome? This is the right place! Here you can find some of the top local places where you can get to eat the most delicious Roman dishes such as tonnarelli, artichokes, and meat, all prepared and cooked according to tradition.

Which is better Sicily or Amalfi coast?

Which is better Sicily or Amalfi Coast?

When it comes to planning a vacation in Italy, two destinations that often provide travelers with a tough decision are Sicily vs Amalfi Coast. Both regions boast breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and mouthwatering cuisine. However, choosing between the two can be quite a challenge.

Where to Base Yourself in Tuscany

Where to Base Yourself in Tuscany

Tuscany attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its historical treasures, from art cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa, to small picturesque villages surrounded by bucolic countryside and rolling hills. 

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