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Bergamo like a local foodie guide

Bergamo Like a Local: A Foodie Guide

Bergamo cuisine comes from peasants’ traditions: it’s simple and dishes are made with local products. Simplicity doesn’t mean lame taste, though. In fact, despite being poor, Bergamasque cuisine is rich in succulent and flavorful dishes. All over the province many restaurants still offer typical cuisine and festivals are often dedicated to traditional dishes, for example the “scarpinocc festival” in Parre or the “polenta taragna festival” in Branzi.

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Savory Traditional Dishes of Trentino, Italy

Trentino dishes are the result of years and years of influence of Austrian and Venetian cuisines so much so that sometimes it’s quite hard to define the origins of a dish. Traditional Trentino food is brought together by three elements: poor food, locally grown products and rigid winters.

Tronchetto Christmas dessert from Piedmont

10 Christmas Italian Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of

All Italians have a traditional dessert at the end of their Christmas  meal, after (or before) unwrapping presents with the warmth of the family.  Panettone, Pandoro, peppered bread…I’m sure you all know about these Christmas specialties. However, I’m also convinced that you’ve never heard of these Italian Christmas cakes.

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